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The letter below, from Canadian scientists to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, urges the government to amend CEPA and adopt the recommendations of the parliamentary committee.  To add your name to the letter, please fill in all the fields requested.

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Dear Prime Minister,

Canada has a serious pollution problem that is a threat to both human health and the quality of our environment. Widespread contamination of the air, soil and water, wildlife and our bodies with toxic chemicals is a significant concern for scientists, medical professionals and the public. According to a recent estimate by the International Institute for Sustainable Development, air pollution alone causes 7,700 premature deaths every year, yet Canada is the only western industrialized country without legally binding and enforceable national air quality standards.

Canada’s overarching law governing pollution and toxics is outdated; it is inadequate to deal with today’s sources of pollution and toxic chemicals. We have a once-in-a-generation opportunity today to curb pollution, save lives, protect the environment, boost the economy, and improve the quality of life for all Canadians by updating CEPA.

The House of Commons Standing Committee on the Environment and Sustainable Development’s June 2017 report on CEPA contains key recommendations to improve the law and offers a foundation for how the law should be amended. Click here to read more about the key issues we recommend our government take action on.